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15 USD

for any sound file of 3 min and lower.

Additional length is charged +3 USD per min.

For the full album/EP deal - 3 USD per minute

(example: album of 40 minute length will cost 120 USD)

Send me high quality WAV file and I do the magic.

After the mastering you will receive WAV file back which won't need any further editing from your side and can be used as a master file for CD, cassette tape, Bandcamp and streaming services.

Mastering for vinyl can be also done additionaly, but it requires slightly different processing and will be charged 25% of the already paid price of regular mastering.

• One free preview (1 minute or less).


For an additional fee of 10 USD, I can create a DDP master file.

If you only need a DDP image and you have already mastered files, it will be 15 USD per DDP.



30 USD

per song of 3 min or less, +6 USD per each additional minute

The price can be increased in case of song having a lot of tracks (instruments) and involvement of:

• re-amping guitars;

• using your midi files for drums and keyboards

(processing through my libraries);

• vocal tuning; and more.

This is a recommended option because this way I can take control of your every instrument.

Send me all your tracks of the song in high quality WAV files and I do the magic.

Digital mastering is included in the price. If you want your songs to be mastered somewhere else, please specify this to me so I will leave enough space for your mastering engineer.

If you are paying for the mixing of whole album/EP at once, the price will be calculated from timing as 6 USD per minute. For example, mixing of a 20-min EP would be 120 USD, 40-min album - 240 USD and so on.

Please contact me for the exact price.

• Two free previews (1 minute or less)

• Unlimited revisions (reasonable changes only)

Just 1 USD per minute of length. This kind of mastering only prepares your already mastered files for printing on vinyl. No major changes with the sound will be made, just the essential ones which are required for vinyl. 


Q: How do I send music files for vinyl mastering?

A: Disable all limiters/compressors on your master channel and lower the overall volume -6 dB or less, make sure the waveform never touches 0 dB.

Q: What if I can't do that and I just have CD-mastered files?

A: Don't you worry. It is possible to work with these files, although the result won't be the best one possible, as it could be. Vinyls love dynamics in the sound.

Q: What experience do you have in vinyl mastering?

A: I completed dozens of vinyl masters for such labels as Flowing Downward, Avantgarde Music and Meuse Music Records.

Note 1: I do not share DAW project files/settings. However, I can share tracks of a mixed song for 5 USD per song, additionally.

Note 2: I do not do composing - that means I won't write melodies, drum fills or anything else for you. Mixing/mastering only!


• I accept only wav/midi files. Do not send the project files of your DAW. Please export WAV files of every instrument and MIDI file of an instrument if you need me to produce it.

• Stems of a mixed song can be obtained with a price of 5 USD per song.

• When sending an album, please put stems for each song in separated folder (f.e. song1, song2 and so on). Each stem should start from 00:00 position of the song. Don't forget to tell me the tempo(s) (you can do it in file/folder name). Thank you!

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